About Dev Chand

I'm a proven digital media and marketing professional.

I've started and scaled my own e-commerce brand globally, worked with /for enterprise brands, worked for agencies and helped businesses grow through consulting before spearheading the national marketing for a global QSR brand. 


Brands I've worked on/with:

➔Zambrero New Zealand
➔Coca-Cola Amatil
➔World Vision
➔Serato DJ
➔Zomato Media
➔Barkers Menswear

Through my unique experience, I've learnt to solve complex problems that drive tangible results, create opportunities, build brand equity, analyse data, generate extraordinary ROI, stimulate organic growth and bring innovative creative ideas to achieve business objectives for today's brands using key media channels including influencer marketing.

Ideation and Creative Direction



The purpose of this brand awareness campaign was to show the impact of Zambrero's plate for plate initiative. It serves to give a glimpse of the type of impact the meals customers donate makes the reality of what it means to break the cycle of poverty. 


From previous product launches, I noticed that we had an increase in millennial customers who were fitness enthusiasts. The purpose of this campaign was to resonate with the audience that the product is designed for. We hired a personal trainer and got him to record his organic experience. As a result, boosted our click-through rate from 3% to 8% that maximised the return on investment.


The purpose of this brand awareness campaign was to show how Zambrero's food can fit into any lifestyle. It doesn't need to be consumed at a restaurant or on the couch in front of a tv. I wanted the video to be relatable for health-conscious millennials. No quick-service restaurant brand at the time attempted to create aspirational lifestyle content outside of their product content. This was to increase brand loyalty and increase the audience database by catering to the most engaged audience group the brand was attracting.


Video lookbook launch campaign for my personal project - an e-commerce menswear label. Again, this was tailored to attract a niche millennial audience who were interested in the hip-hop culture, sneaker culture and high-end streetwear fashion through paid social advertising. This look book was to inspire an average millennial male to envision themselves as the hero of their own ideal lifestyle.


Campaign Case Study - From $33k to $430k

Background: My key objectives include increasing single restaurant sales, e-commerce sales, growing the audience on social media, email database, making sure the overall trade is tracking above budget, strategise + implement new restaurant launches alongside the general manager and investing partners and launch new products in the New Zealand market. I'm responsible for all digital advertising activities, e-commerce, dealing with external partners, content creators and influencers. In short - I generate and distribute the ideas in line with the business objectives.

The Protocol:  I built out the systems or as I like to call it the ‘machine’ to increase online sales, grow the email database and social media audience. I built out an eCommerce sales funnel by reverse-engineering a realistic customer journey map using Google analytics and research software. Zambrero now had an opportunity to automate their sales process to increase sales and to collect customer data for remarketing to further extend the lifetime value of a customer. The machine was built - now we just had to feed it with the right traffic. 


The Strategy:  From there, I started to run all of Zambrero New Zealand’s paid traffic using Facebook Ads, Youtube, Google &  Influencer Campaigns. The initial approach was to start with a small ad budget to test creative assets, advertising copy and channels to figure out what resonates with the market. The second stage was to re-distribute the budget towards high performing ads, creatives and channels from the testing phase. Through this strategy, I was able to engage with customers who were the most likely to make a purchase.


•The Result: The eCommerce funnel that I had created along with the ads I ran for Zambrero New Zealand produced over $199,000 worth of sales just from their online ordering platform in 12 months in 2019 alone. From 2017 to 2020 this core campaign strategy has taken Zambrero from $33,000 to over $430,000+ in online sales per annum.


*video testimonial is available.

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