My name is Dev Chand and I help small business owners generate 3x more leads & sales through Facebook Ads.

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Hey, my name is Dev Chand and I help business owners generate more leads and sales through Facebook Advertising. From helping them create a fool-proof plan all the way through to running their ads profitably. 

I also run an online advertising agency called Digital Chapter Media where we scale established  e-commerce and service based businesses using paid traffic ( Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads and Google Ads). 

I’ve helped some incredible clients including Zambrero NZ, Coca-Cola, World Vision, Serato DJ, VTNZ, TAB and many more small to medium enterprises.

How Did I scale my ecommerce brand, built a successful consulting portfolio and started my media agency?

I was first introduced to Facebook Advertising when I launched an e-commerce men’s clothing brand while I was still studying at University around seven years ago.

I put my entire saving’s on the line to make my brand successful while working part-time. I had no option but to boot-strap my way all the way through to six figures in sales with in the first 14 months. To push things further, I discovered the world of digital advertising. 

I was obsessed with finding a way to make my e-commerce brand reach more customers and soon realised that if I wanted people to keep purchasing from us, I had to get our message to hundreds & thousands of people across the internet. For me, the best way to achieve this was through social media marketing. 

I didn't have the luxury to spend money or time on traditional radio, print media, tv ads. I couldn't track the success and didn't get the much needed data from my target market that I could use to pin point their needs and wants.

I was laser focused on the growth of our online brand. This curiosity led me to enter the world of digital marketing and advertising. At this stage, I was on a personal mission to learn and get answers to my burning questions which was related to the effectiveness of online marketing. 

I tried to figure out how to increase online sales and how I could continually grow and sustain my audience. During this discovery process, I had the pleasure of personally working with/for some great 6 to 8 figure revenue-generating businesses, a global media company and an award-winning media agency in New Zealand.

As a result of going through my experiences, I saw a huge gap in the market where a majority of business owners weren't being looked after or couldn't afford big agency retainers. As a small business owner myself, this got my attention and I wanted to do my part. 

I started coaching and consulting small business owners all over the world to lay the right foundations and run profitable Facebook ads. Through my experience, I've found Facebook to be the most cost effective, highly relevant and engaged platform to find customers for any type of small business. 

To date, client's have trusted me with over $750,000 in advertising budget and I've made them $4.2 million dollars back collectively. I've also never made less than a 2x return on investment over a 90 days slope for all of my clients. This is something that sets me apart and gives my clients great confidence.

In 2017 I decided to open a highly coveted advertising agency - Digital Chapter Media where we work with small to medium enterprise level clients who are actively looking at growing their sales and building marketing systems for the long run. At Digital Chapter me and my team research to find your best customers/clients, create advertisements that get more attention by tapping into the psychology of your market and manage client's advertising budget to make sure that it is generating profits. 
How Can I Help You:
Who Is This For?

Business owners who are ready to leverage the power of Facebook Advertising. If you are not seeing any results from your efforts or simply want to run more profitable campaigns for your business - this is for you.

What Does It Include:

This is my core offering. 

I'll help you create an actionable plan of attack, create Facebook Ads that actually convert, provide hands-on weekly support to help you avoid costly mistakes, optimise with confidence and turn poor performing campaigns into profit. 

1. Weekly One hour:  1-on-1 session with me personally via Zoom 

2. Access to my private number via Whats-app

3. Audit and Strategy - I work with you to weed out leaks in your current plan and get you on track for the next stage.

4. Setting practical Benchmarks and Metrics - show you exactly what you need to focus on so you're not measuring your success with the wrong metrics.

To date, I have never made less than a 2X ROI over a 90-day slope for our ecommerce, coaching and small business clients, something I'm very proud of. If I decide to work with you, it’s only because I genuinely believe it’s going to be a home run.

This 90-day mentorship program is a fixed 12 week agreement & then from there it’s rolling month by month.
What Is This?

A funnel is a visual representation of the customer journey, from the moment the customer first becomes aware of a brand to the moment they make a purchase. The idea behind it is that all consumers go through the same stages when making a purchase - from mere awareness to post-purchase evaluation. Companies devise their marketing strategies to address potential buyers at every stage of the funnel and move them from one step to the next until they finally make a purchase.

Who Is This For?
Business owners who need to build an entire sales funnel that includes all the necessary automations and training. 

What Does It Include:
This is either a done-with-you service or a done-for-you service. 

Most clients opt for the former. This comprises of a 2-day training where myself or a lead strategist from my Ad Agency will personally work with you & your team to build out either the perfect sales funnel including all the necessary automations.

Most clients decide on the done-with-you because it’s both quicker and better bang for buck.
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